The winners of the IBLA Grand Prize Competition


The Winners of the Ibla Grand Prize International Music Competition – Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall
Then, after a nice explanation of the Alban Berg’s Richard Strauss-inspired Die Nachtigall, came the Spanish trio of soprano Paloma Chiner, cellist Jorge Fanjul and pianist Pablo Garcia-Berlanga, performing the piece with great style, highlighted by Chiner’s lovely voice and Fanjul’s equally strong cello. Their second selection, Federico Moreno Torroba’s Petenera from the zarzurela La Marchenera, featured subtle, expressive singing from Ms. Chiner, with Mr. Fanjul’s cello often serving as a second voice. They received a very nice and well-deserved audience response.
Jeffrey James



Thursday, July 12, 2018
The winners of the IBLA Grand Prize Competition
12th July 2018